About Us

Uspridefurniture is one of the leading furniture importers in the home furnishing industry. Since starting their Southern California office, Uspridefurniture has grown rapidly from a handful of furnishings to hundreds of selections to better accommodate the needs of today's growing families. In the last decade they have developed a channel of distributors worldwide to help accommodate the specific needs for their customers. Uspridefurniture is a rapidly growing company that has prided itself with offering customers the latest array of quality-consistent, fashionable furniture styles and designs at affordable prices.


Database Administrator

This is a full time job work under the direction and supervision of the assigned Manager. Systematically manage and organize company data center, including financial data, inventory data, customer shipping records, customer accounts, and sales and promotion records; Maintain the integrity and performance of company databases and ensure the security of company data; Responsible for the evaluation of database software purchases and supervise the modification of any existing database software to meet the needs of Company; Responsible for developing, managing, and testing database back-up and recovery plans for complex initiatives, the maintenance of database dictionaries, and overall monitoring of standards and procedures and integration of systems through database design. B.S. in Management Information Systems or Computer Science required.