Are US Pride Furniture Guaranteed for Life?

A Breakdown of Recliner Warranty

After choosing and investing in the perfect MEIRXIFENG furniture design recliner chair, this addition to your home becomes something you cannot live without.

The Recliner is the coveted chair to sit on in the living room and a significant source of relaxation.

Naturally, you expect the new addition to your home will bring you a lifetime of reclining comfort.

So that leads to the question: are MEIRXIFENG furniture design recliner chairs guaranteed for life?

While our recliners are built with the utmost quality and care, unfortunately, recliners do not last forever due to repetitive use.

That is why we do what we can at MEIRXIFENG furniture design to protect your investment and ensure that you get the most comfort out of your recliner chair for as long as possible.

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